About validation studio

Beyond our core team, we have great networks of Designers and Developers:

Since ZORAQ.com – the founded startup by Mansour which its acquisition in 2016 had been the biggest Q&A in Iran
startup ecosystem, still – was a huge success, it’s well-known in Iran startup ecosystem community. On the other hand,
each team member in Validation Studio has a long history of positive and effective work. So not only we’re wellconnected
within the community of developers, UI designers, etc. in Iran, our reputation precedes us and they know
us, even more than how much we know them.
For each project at hand, we build a team of designers and developers based on project requirements and we help
our clients with taking total responsibilities of a product manager. In doing so, our clients can focus on their own
capabilities of building networks of resources and business development activities.

Mansour Khazaraei Manesh

Mansour is one of the first founders in Iran startup ecosystem

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