Legal services beyond borders

Brand name: Legamart
Industry: Legal tech
Location: UK
Status: Product Design

Challenge type: business innovation model and expansion

Legal tech has become a buzz industry among startups. stakeholders asked us to come up with an innovative business model to be able to
differentiate themselves in the high growth market. Their initial idea was to build a digital network of trusted legal service providers for cases
in foreign jurisdictions.
In this market, all players’ service was dedicated to domestic legal system. so Legamart challenge was:

How to create a consistent system aligned with law system, pricing and user behavior in different legal jurisdictions, something not
possible before?


Conducting user deep interviews
In our field research, we were seeking answers to many questions like:
•How do users (specifically corporate lawyers) find a supporting
lawyer in other jurisdictions for their case?
•How do lawyers get cases? what is their marketing approach?
Analogous research: finding a solution for blitz-scaling
We studied how other businesses like Uber, Mac-Donald, etc. about
how they expand their business even when their product should be
specific to local needs.


while freelance legal service providers are on the high demand,
still lawyers can’t use digital tools to build up their personal brand
and grow as a freelancer.


•An innovative business model
Inspired by how Uber works, we came up with a franchising
system for Legamart to expand globally. the innovation for
Legamart stands in its model on expansion. Legamart expansion
happens in different aspects such as:
•expansion in number of services
•expansion geographically
improving service quality by adding more lawyers in different fields
•Product concept and design
While designing Legamart product we got inspired by Linkedin
and Upwork, to come up with a freelance legal platform which
helps lawyers build their digital presence, global network and
learn from their peers as well as helping them access more legal