What we do

Understand the founder:


This step is the foundation of the design process. we get why and
passion behind the idea from the founder. try to get his/her deepen
motivations and reasons to enter so called market and will articulate
“unfair advantage” based on founder’s capabilities, resources,
connections and etc.

Work flow:
one or two co creation workshop to help the founder tell
his/her stories and ideas and find connecting dots
between ideas to draw an understandable big picture

Understand the Market:
•analyze direct / indirect competitors
•Current business models in the market
•Analyze competitors high level strategies
•analyze direct / indirect competitors product features and
differentiation factor

Tools and techniques:
•SWOT analysis
•Industry Mapping
•Analogous Research (helps with
market segmentation)
•Positioning Matrix

Understand the User:
Key activities: Tools and techniques:
•recruiting potential users for design
•Conduct user research
•Conduct user research

Tools and techniques:

•Card decks
•sticky notes
•Mental model
•Experience map

Design Business,Product concept:
Key activities: deliverables:
•Design product/ business
•Developing Business
•Predicting financial


•Business Model Canvas
•Financial Projection

Product Design:
Key activities:
•Story Mapping
•story Boarding
•wire framing
•Prototype test

Tools and techniques:

•Design Sprint workshop
•Adobe XD

Getting ready for development:
Key activities:
•Building technical team/stack
•Create Supporting documents for
Technical/Design team
•Create product contents


•Service blue print
•Information architecture
•Product requirement document
•Product test scenarios

MVP Production:
Key activities:
•Product management
•Product development
•Product test and refinement

Tools and techniques:


MVP Production:
Key activities:
•Define brand identity
•Define 4Ps for marketing strategy
•Define frame of reference
•Develop pre-launch and launch action plan
•Define marketing budget for first 6 months


•Brand Identity
•Marketing action plan
•Go to market strategy