Spilet Plus,
Helping travelers experience new trips
Brand name: Spilet Plus
Industry: Travel Tech
Location: Iran
Status: Business/Product Concept design

Challenge type: business innovation model and expansion

Spilet plus stakeholders are one of the top adventure tour organizers in Iran. They asked us to come up with a business idea helping young
travelers who do not seek organizational tours but use individual guides in order to experience adventurous trips. Their concern was that
these individuals trips were harming the environment and since they are independent, travelers did not have consistent travel experience.
Primary Challenge Question:
How can we help people who do not use tours, experience unique trips on their own while it is organized for them?

In this project, the challenge question changed many times as we proceeded with our
We conducted interviews with people from different spectrums. from a single girl to families
with children. from people who plan their entire trip by themselves to people who always
travel with tours.
During our research we found out that the reason people were not using tours but still needed
help with organizing their trip was that these trips we out of their comfort zone and made
them feel unique than other travelers.

So we changed our challenge question to:
How can we create a solution for people to go out of their comfort zone by traveling
and yet make them feel they are the only people experiencing it?
the challenge was that users felt when a trip plan is introduced by a digital website, it will not
be unique anymore. so we had to tackle this issue.


•users have a circular mental process for traveling. It starts with dreaming about a new destination and ends with dreaming about
the next one in midst of coming back home from the trip.
•In the trips which are out of users comfort zone, they often get stuck between dreaming and hesitation of whether to go on the trip
or not.
•The hesitation mentioned earlier is due to: lack of information, lack of access to local services in the destination in advance.


•adventurous travelers mental model
we created a mental model, a map which shows how people think and act in a special context. In this map, we found out that people have
7 mental spaces in their trip journey. we also researched about what services are now fulfilling user needs in each mental space to find
where is the market gap we can possibly fill.
Using mental model also helps us choose the most important pain in the market with the stakeholder’s co-operation.

•An innovative business model
Validation studio came up with a solution to buy limited-edition
packages tailored for their interest. this packages help with the
sense of being unique because they are limited. and also we
help travelers access local service providers to experience their
“out of comfort zone” experience.